Living in London

Studying and living in London is highly rewarding and places you tight at the center of great social, cultural and education opportunities. As Europe’s largest city, London boasts some of the finest art science museums, theatres, palaces, park and attractions. The list is endless.

This great city caters for cosmopolitan tastes, styles, fashion, cultures and communities. London has huge range of sights and historical buildings, which are immensely enjoyable to see and experience. The west end is vibrant with its countless restaurants, cafes, bars clubs, cinemas, theatres, shops and places of entertainment.

London also caters for those with religious needs. With its verity of churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, there are plenty of like-minded people to worship with and befriend.

Londoners know to enjoy themselves, over a weekend, you can sample one of the  300 markets or visit one of the 300 museums or galleries ( many of which are free).for a night on the town you can choose from 6,000 international restaurants and cafés and 5,000 pubs and bars.

Multi-racial college students on white

A Multi-Culture Society

The society is very diverse, consisting of people from different financial backgrounds and ethnic origins. More than 300 languages are spoken by 8.1 million people currently living in London. Multiculturalism – though frequently challenged as a social consent – is writing large all across London’s society.

In London, you will certainly meet people of different races and religious in your everyday life. The prevailing atmosphere of life in London is one of coexistence and tolerance. Racially motivated offences or crimes are usually punished severely.

Transport and travellondon-bus

London has large and comprehensive transport system. In greater London there are 13,600km of roads, 3,730 km of bus routes,329km of tube lines,28km of new tramways and 788km of national rail lines. Every day 27.3 million journeys’ are made. Of these 8.5 million are made on public transport, 11 million are care or motorcycle, 7 million on foot, and 0.3 million by bicycle, for any information regarding London transport and updates please follow the link


London has more parks and green areas than any other similar city in the world. The famous river themes hosts a wild variety of fish, while the rest of the city contains urban wildlife, ranging from foxes to falcons, all sharing spaces with humans. sport-paly-cse

Sports and leisure

London is also a sport city; each year the capital enjoys great international sport events such as the London marathon, where 30,000 people take part; and also Wimbledon, which sees people sleeps in the streets to support their tennis heroes on court. Londoners are active themselves in sport, taking advantage of the event-improving local sport facilities.

Museums and Galleries

London is a haven for culture vultures. There are over 300 museums and galleries most of which are free. Whether you want to see some of the most famous painting ever, cutting edge modern are or ancient Egyptian relics, Londoners have a huge choice of world-class culture on their doorstep, there are a number of museums and art galleries in the area close to CSE which students can visit.